Press Releases 2019

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Press Release | 12/19/2019
AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC. updates company status and opportunities in precious metals mining.

Press Release | 12/17/2019
AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC. CEO Joseph Amram plans to increase shareholder value by focusing on precious metals mining

Press Release | 12/05/2019
AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC. renews its OTC Markets registration for 2020 and updates its investors on recent corporate information

Press Release | 10/31/2019
Agri-Dynamics Inc., (OTC Markets; AGDY) Establishes Plan to Comply with Alternative Reporting Standards

Press Release | 04/24/2019
AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC. (OTC Markets: AGDY) maintains relationships with various professionals in fields of Technology, Energy, Mining, Agriculture and Real Estate for continued research for growth

Press Release | 04/22/2019
AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC. (OTC Markets: AGDY) retains legal team in place to comply with SEC rules and regulations

Press Release | 03/07/2019
AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC. (OTC Markets: AGDY) reminds Shareholders and Potential Investors to always do their Due Diligence as we strive to create future growth for the company

Press Release | 02/07/2019
AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC., activates account on OTC Markets and updates company description and other information

Press Release | 02/04/2019
AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC. addresses rumors circulating about company and reporting status