With the nations of the world reeling again due to the Coronavirus Covid19 pandemic infecting populations across the planet and causing economic devastation due to the need to quarantine large communities in nations the world over, the printing of fiat currency has increased to the point of the extreme. With Central Banks in the United States, Europe, England, Japan, Cina and many more to numerous to count, to not only prop up their economies but the stock markets as well. Over the last year the USD has lost value against other currencies causing a devaluation, inflation will occur. Precious metals like Gold and Silver will again become Money and they will take their inevitable place in the economic cycle. Building a base of precious metals will establish a strong financial footing to raise the needed resources to expand and grow the company.

The company will be looking for claims with immense value that are already in production or can be within a reasonable amount of time. In addition, tailings abandoned near mines all across America still retain precious metals and other minerals as only high grade was mined and approximately 86% was reclaimed utilizing old mining methods. These tailing piles could still hold approximately 14% of precious metals which at todays price, close to $2,000 an ounce, this fraction still in the tailings hold immense value. Utilizing new and advanced technology by Agri-Dynamics, over 90% of the metals can be reclaimed.