Executive Management

Joseph Amram
Chairman of the Board, CEO and Treasurer

A consummate researcher and analyst who enlists his imagination and highly creative skills to be able to forecast trends in various industries and markets. With the ability to combine vision with technological innovation, being able to conceive of the future is always within his grasp. His experience over the years has enabled him to gain a unique understanding of the businesses that he finds himself involved in and how to adapt to the changes occurring to be productive. With ambition, attention to detail and a drive to succeed, with an ability to communicate effectively and precisely to convey information on numerous ideas to clients and employees, whether within a startup or for an established company that is his strong suit. Able to train, educate, and manage his team on various subjects necessary to get the job done, quickly and successfully, and within budget. Able to work together with all players to find solutions to overcome any obstacles that might come up in being able to implement whatever business plan is before him to further the growth of the company and the goals of his clients.

Erik Jablanowski
Independent Director and Secretary

A car mechanic, a builder, a contractor, an electrician, supervisor and recently having left as manager of a Green Energy company, where Eric Jablonowski was in charge up surveying analyzing and upgrading franchise restaurants, office buildings and warehouses to energy efficient systems and infrastructure utilizing smart lighting, wind and solar. His skills are wide and varied but all managerial, mechanically and real estate focused. Mr. Jablonowski is Currently managing residential apartment buildings in New York City and supervising the employees on the premises. Mr. Jablonowski's down to earth and pragmatic attitude brings much operational and development expertise to the company.

Gerald Agnew
Independent Director

Originally in the entertainment industry working with the band Kid and Play, Gerald Agnew had diversified into Event Planning, Runway Shows, Talent Search, Marketing, Networking, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Communications, and Video Production. Over the years, Travel and Tourism have been an underlying theme that has persevered for all this time. Having been to South America, Europe and Asia as well as other countries all over the world with the advantage of being able to speak numerous languages, Mr. Agnew has during athe years developed an understanding of many different cultures helping him to refine his sales and marketing skills. Mr. Agnew brings numerous skills and a unique view to the company.