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           AGRI-DYNAMICS, INC., (OTC MARKETS: AGDY) originally an agricultural and machine equipment Company founded in Iowa on December 8, 1961, has been reinvented as a holding company that specializes in the acquisition, investment and development of companies in the mining and Hemp to CBD industries, with a focus on doing so with an ecological friendly frame in mind utilizing green technologies. As the world changes before our eyes, being able to do so while helping the environment, societies, individuals, and families has become very important factors in our corporate direction. Our agricultural interests involve the production of hemp for CBD as well as the use of the other parts of the hemp plant for the creation of certain materials, industrial and energy use. Notwithstanding, with today's markets holding truly unprecedented opportunities in the gold, silver and other mineral mining sector, Agri-Dynamics Inc., retains the rights to develop the silver mine called the Sinai MC in the historic mining district in northern Arizona as well as receive a portion of all the future revenue from the Red Cloud Gold Mine in Northern California  once production starts. Agri-Dynamics, Inc., is also in search of junior mining companies who hold valuable claims and assets that are close to production or can be in a reasonable amount of time. For more information see the companies financial statements and related filings on


Information about our team and those involved with the company will be made available here so stay tuned.


We are always looking for new opportunities so don't hesitate to email us.

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